Neuroscience-based Programs for Professional

and Personal Development


As part of Cognitive Performance, our mission is to transform the operating framework of individuals and business teams to become exceptional thinkers and extraordinary leaders. We offer workshops that bring science-based transformational programs to your door, computer screen, or conference room. Our workshops provide a step by step system, with measurable milestones of success. The […]

Accelerate your growth by selecting a Cognitive Performance online course. Our courses give you a step-by-step program that elevates your mind and skillsets. Each course is supported by a guide book, video lessons, and a private Cognitive Performance community group where you can ask questions and interact with Bernadette and other participants. Added Bonus! One-one […]

Cognitive Performance offers books and audiobooks that focus on personal growth, positive outlook, and organization transformation. Get Started Now     Become Extraordinary! What is the one thing that extraordinary individuals have in common? What is it that allows them to stand out from the pack? What is the key to living an inspired life […]

Individual Performance Coaching The personal coaching process is a collaborative partnership. Together we unveil and transform the inner obstacles and roadblocks, so that you may live from your strengths and passions. As your coach, I will expertly guide you using the tools of science-based NeuroCoaching, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and leadership protocols Cognitive Performance sessions take […]

In partnership with an international team of experts from the U.S. and abroad, BrainFIT Institute is designed with the executive and professional in mind. Conducting business can prove complex, often feel chaotic and even disruptive. As the high achiever enters the organizational framework, our humanistic basic need for productivity is magnified. There are human characteristics […]

Schedule an inspirational and mindful Keynote Talk, Lecture or Workshop for your organization or nonprofit. Designed to inspire your organization, Bernadette’s lectures and programs are founded on breakthrough neuroscience principles. Her engaging talks allow her audience to take away practical and usable methods that can be easily applied to any organizational framework. Get Started Now

Neuroscientific Personal Empowerment Coaching and Cognitive Performance Business Programs

Develop Postive Habits that Last

Adopt a Success Mindset

Win-Win Conflict Resolution

Foster Teamwork & Collaboration

Overcome Fears

Become Unstuck

Discover your passion & purpose

Reduce stress & gain financial freedom

Cognitive Performance is a highly EFFECTIVE brain-based and evidence-based coaching and training strategy based on cognitive and mindful approaches. Strategies used are based on scientific research.


Client Testimonials

Elizabeth Dodson

Elizabeth Dodson

Co-Owner, HomeZada

It was an experience to remember –Literally. Bernadette and how she implements the neurocoaching process offers a new way to connect with our needs as humans. I learned to identify how my communication impacted me personally and on my team. I’ve seen a dramatic improvement (and ease!) in my interaction with my clients and business partners. I highly recommend Bernadette and her programs. Her training processes are, without a doubt, ones that others can benefit from!


Five Daily Habits to Increase Wellness and Happiness

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Bernadette Marie Wilson

NeuroCoach, Founder and CEO of Cognitive Performance

Bernadette is an insightful healer, certified NeuroCoach, gifted writer, inspirational and motivational speaker. She specializes in professional optimization, personal (and team) transformation, and helping others find inspiration and happiness in their work, with their loved ones, and in their lives.

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