Founder and CEO of Cognitive Performance 

Bernadette Wilson, MBA, CNC

Each one of us has a deep desire to contribute to life. We strive to bring forth our unique internal calling of who we are into fruition. And…the good new is…there is no one like you!

As professionals, we have an in-depth knowledge or expertise that is begging to be maximized and shared. Whether you are part of a business team, a key executive leading multi-million dollar company, or searching to overcome frustrations that keep you from living your life to its fullest, I am confident my programs can rapidly help achieve your goals with more ease while enjoying the longevity of your success.





  • B.A. in Business Management and MBA in Ethics and Leadership from the prestigious Mills College, Lorry Lokey School of Business.
  • Certified Unified Mindfulness Coach
  • Certified in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) from the Beckman Institute
  • Certified Neurocoach by NeurocoachPro, Robert Waldman, Executive MBA Faculty, College of Business Loyola Marymount University
  • 20 years in high-tech corporate and healthcare marketing leadership, and entrepreneurial expertise 

Personal Mission:

  • Transform the pain of loss and trauma to a life of gratitude and purpose.
  • Make each new day a personal masterpiece of meaningful pursuits.
  • Ensure the education of conflict resolution is easily understood and available in all aspects of the work-life ecosystem.
  • Redouble efforts at understanding the fundamental principles and practices that promote health, wisdom, inspiration, and happiness.
  • Teach and guide my clients to achieve an unmistakable lasting transformation.


Professional Bio:

Bernadette M. Wilson is CEO of Cognitive Performance. Her company provides contemplative neuroscience programs and business consulting to optimize cognitive performance and well-being for high-performing executives and teams. She is also co-founder of the BrainFIT Institute, an international mindfulness, and practical neuroscience cooperative. Ms. Wilson is a certified mindfulness trainer (CMC) and contemplative neurocoach (CNC), author, and inspirational speaker. She utilizes her deep knowledge of the inextricable linkage between our brain, mindfulness, and positive health and well-being to deliver her breakthrough programs.

She is the author of transformational books including: “Become Exceptional!” and “Growing Through Loss: 7 Brain-Based Strategies to Transcend Grief and Suffering,” and soon to be published “BrainFIT – Neurocognitive Skills for High Performing Teams.” Bernadette is written numerous guides and blogs providing insights on cognitive performance, resilience, and compassion.  Additionally, her brain basic online program BrainFIT 101 which caters to all who want to learn how to have better performance, more success and well-being is set to be released May 1, 2022.

Ms. Wilson has been honored to be the keynote speaker for American Foundation Suicide Survivor Day-Orange County, CA, noted speaker on Mindfulness Skills for the Work Place, panel host for the Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) screening of Do No Harm, amongst others. She also leads transformational workshops in-person and online. 

Bernadette holds an MBA with a focus on ethics and leadership from Mills College and is a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Scholar and Forte Foundation Fellow. She holds certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Unified Mindfulness, and Contemplative Neurocaoching and is also CANDOR trained in healthcare compassionate safe-care protocols. Bernadette has more than 20 years in corporate leadership has trained and taught techniques for optimizing the neurocognitive solutions for individuals and teams operating in stressful and complex environments, such as healthcare, high-tech, and the corporate environment. Throughout her career, Bernadette has brought her skills and knowledge in support of non-profit organizations through volunteer board positions, including Big Brother’s Big Sisters and regional woman’s support organizations. Currently Ms. Wilson is an advisory board member for the Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF). 

About Cognitive Performance

Cognitive Performance, LLC provides Transformational Professional Training programs based on scientific principles of neuropsychology and neuroscience. Our programs aid individuals and organizations in removing emotional and intellectual barriers. Career paths, relationships, and life trajectory dramatically improves, expanding the pathway for ultimate success. 

About NeuroCoaching

Cognitive Performance incorporates science-based benefits of mindfulness, compassionate communication, cognitive behavior therapy, tested Leadership philosophies, and other methods to provide rapid results.

The foundation of NeuroCoaching is based on a neuroscience protocol developed at the University of Pennsylvania, Jefferson University in Philadelphia, and Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

About Unified Mindfulness

Unified Mindfulness is a system of meditation that’s easily researchable by science, with clear terminology and rigorous precision around concepts and procedures. A direct result of this research and precision is that the process of learning and teaching mindfulness has been thoroughly systemized in a way that makes it accessible to anyone interested.

The U.M. system is used by leading institutions like Harvard and Carnegie Mellon for their research on meditation.

Cognitive Performance Advisory Team

International renown medical and coaching specialists

I am excited to introduce my expert team of medical and business professionals who contribute knowledge to the Cognitive Performance programs.

Client Testimonials

Robin W

Robin W

Business Owner, Le Biarritz

Working with Bernadette Wilson was transformational for me personally and my team. She listened and helped the team clearly identify the challenges we were having. Bernadette knew how to quickly understand our challenges, and effectively turn them into structured solutions. We learned how mindfulness can be applied to reduce errors and lessen the impact of job stress. As our group dynamic is now one of more collaboration and trust. Bernadette is a gifted executive coach and leader.


Five Daily Habits to Increase Wellness and Happiness

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