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Neurocoaching and professional coaching programs has allowed clients to reach their goals. We are excited you that you and/or your company are also on the journey to success. We want to support you have the life you are meant to live!  


Client Testimonials

Hildegard T

Hildegard T

Real Estate Professional, Southern California

I found my way to Bernadette Wilson because I was "stuck". I had exited a 30+ year marriage, moved out of my home and closed my 17-year retail store all in one year. With much patience and loads of compassion, Bernadette was able to uncover various incidences from the past that were holding me back. Our sessions were both revealing and liberating. Considering that it had taken years to build up all those blockages, beliefs and insecurities, it is amazing that it only took a short time to learn how to remove my blocks and manage new situations when they arise. With Bernadette's help and encouragement, I finished the course, got my license and am now have a successful real estate career.


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