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A Roadblock to Change: Past Traumas

Posted in: March 5, 2018 By: Bernadette Marie Wilson

When Old Habits and Painful Memories Get in the Way of Success –––

As you begin to replace habits that no longer serve your new goals, the old habits and memories formed out of past trauma and painful events may resist this change. This natural resistance can trigger fear reactions that have nothing to do with the present. This is due, in part, to our innate need for security and survival. For most of us, trauma-based habits were formed to protect oneself. After the traumatic event, the trauma’s visual image (“the movie”), our associations, our mental, physical and emotional interpretations (may) settle into semi-permanent memory circuits buried in our unconscious. When this happens, our negative thoughts, feelings, and memories can get in the way of our desire to become fully present and focused.

Path to Goal Acceleration

When you find a strong negative reaction coming up as you strive to reach your goals and develop new habits, it is usually a sign that you are ready to excel and create the life of your dreams! Use the recommended NeuroCoaching techniques such as journaling, developing a CRAP board, and/or make of list of 3 things you can complete today to restart your motivation circuits.  But if you get “stuck,” know that there are resources, support groups, therapist, and certified NeruoCoaches,  to help you become centered, internally quiet, and to walk you through a trauma mindfully.  Rule of thumb is after a week or two you can’t get unstuck, look for support from someone you feel comfortable with and helps you to discover your unique resolutions.


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