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CARE for Improvement

Posted in: October 16, 2020 By: Bernadette Marie Wilson
CARE Model

The CARE® model is an evidence-based process to get unstuck, achieve rapid results, so you can reach your goals with more ease! CARE® for Improvement is the foundation of Cognitive Performance NeuroCoaching. Here’s a high-level look at how CARE works ⬇️

Cognition: Introduce brain-science to unlock the power of thoughts and build a new #cognitive framework so that your executive brain functions are in line with your values, intuition, and desires.

Action: Develop a strategic plan with key milestones to gain momentum and progress quickly – taking the right action, not just action.

Results: Assess results frequently and adjust or refine as needed before moving forward.

Embrace: Mindful acknowledgment and #gratitude for every milestone. Continually celebrating successes builds #confidence and drives #motivation to stay unstuck and achieve rapid results!

CARE is cyclical so that you may continually evaluate and improve different areas of your life. We are constantly in progress – the coaching you receive through CARE will empower you with the framework to work through any new challenge that comes your way.

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