Cognitive Performance

For over a decade, Cognitive Performance, LLC has provided Transformational Training and Executive Coaching based on proven principles of behavioral science and neuroscience. Our programs teach individuals and organizations how to increase emotional intellegence, build team collaboration, and effectively remove barriers that impede success.   

From ordinary to extraordinary!

Each program helps to conquer obstacles that impede progress towards your goals. Executive career paths, relationships, and life trajectory can be altered positively within just a few hours with concentration on one of the Cognitive Performance solutions. 

Cognitive Performance is scientific based coaching platform that offers web-based services and in-person solutions to remove emotional resistance and cognitive barriers, so individuals become free of hindrances to the life of fulfillment they seek – one that encompasses more joy, happiness, fulfillment, and success.

The Cognitive Performance methods taps into one’s own inner drivers (values, beliefs, purpose, needs) to move away from self-doubt, fears, and anxieties, bringing them to a place of clear, introspective, and confident decisions that result in positive actions that result in a more abundant daily experience.

The Cognitive Performance methods can provide shortcut recovery, putting one onto the track to greater happiness, fulfillment and success!

Life can sometimes be painful, often that pain can be lasting, leading an individual experiencing emotional pain and self-sabotaging behaviors that can hinder work performance and damage relationships.  The Cognitive Performance methods are designed to help the both the expert and novice to learn and understand:

  • Get unstuck without a lot of unnecessary stress and effort
  • Communicate more effectively with co-workers, friends, and family 
  • Lead with purpose and clarity so others will benefit from your gifts, knowledge and expertise
  • Double your success factor without hours of dredging up the past, even if past trauma has been endured (confidential one-one mentorship coaching) 
  • End destructive behavior without shame, replacing it with affirming actions that lead to a calmer, more enjoyable, healthier existence, at work and at home

Please contact us to Ask the questions that help you Learn the Cognitive Performance system to rapidly achieve the results you desire.

Client Testimonials

Julie C

Julie C

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Counselor

I endured a life of compound trauma that was affecting every area of my life – my work, my professional relationships, and my happiness. In three sessions, Bernadette was able to help me move past my pain towards a more joyful and productive life. Bernadette is a skilled and thoughtful coach who used effective grief recovery techniques and put me on my path to finding my passion after loss – Her Cognitive Performance programs work!


Five Daily Habits to Increase Wellness and Happiness

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