What is NeuroCoaching:

  • Are you ready to master your emotions to gain the cognitive power that will lead you to the best possible outcomes in all that you do?
  • Do you have the desire to learn proven techniques that only require a few minutes of practice each day?
  • Would you like to learn new science-based communication skills that help to foster collaboration and resolve conflicts with ease?
  • Do you want to adopt a leadership style that empowers your team to be cohesive, innovative, and fulfilled?
  • Are you excited to discover your true calling and become the extraordinary person you were meant to be?
  • Here’s where NeuroCoaching can quickly help to release the trapped feelings and move to FREEDOM and SUCCESS– in all areas of your life!

NeuroCoaching is a highly effective brain-based and evidence-based strategy that helps bring mindfulness into your life, and help you become the extraordinary person you’re meant to be.

Why are Cognitive Performance’s NeuroCoaching programs effective?

Cognitive Performance incorporates science-based benefits of mindfulness, compassionate communication, cognitive behavior therapy, tested Leadership philosophies, and other methods to provide rapid results.

The foundation of NeuroCoaching is based on a neuroscience protocol developed at the University of Pennsylvania, Jefferson University in Philadelphia, and Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Reflective Mindfulness

NeuroCoaching combines the use of mindfulness, creativity and association of ideas centered on fundamental values, which stimulate the intuitive and reflexive processes of the brain. Cognitive Performance NeuroCoaching strategies implement transformational processes whose effectiveness has been demonstrated, based on the work of Waldman, Newberg, Manning, Ekman, Eckert, Panksepp, Seligman, Fredrickson, Siegel, Pillay, Davidson, and Maso.

Intensive and Collaborative

Cognitive Performance sessions takes place face-to-face, or via video conferencing, creating an intensive dialogue between the coach and the client. The combined efforts serve as an equal collaboration in addressing specific objectives and desires of the client.

Fast & Effective

Cognitive Performance can help you solve any difficulty (including phobias, anxiety, and trauma) in as little as 1 to 3 sessions – much less than traditional forms of coaching and therapy).

Overcoming Trauma

One in four has experienced abuse or traumatic experiences, which leave psychic imprints that weaken confidence, and lessen self-esteem, as well as relational comfort. The protocols of RéMAS (Davidson, Maso & Glinnel) and NeuroCoaching allow the mind to quickly eliminate the negative consequences of these events.

Bernadette Wilson

Bernadette Marie Wilson

NeuroCoach, Founder and CEO of Cognitive Performance

Bernadette Wilson, MBA, CNC is an insightful coach and corporate trainer, gifted writer, and inspirational and motivational speaker. She specializes in professional optimization for teams and individual transformation. Bernadette’s professional passion is to impart her knowledge and skills to help others find inspiration and happiness in their work, relationships, and life. She has developed her practical neuroscience and mindfulness leadership programs to provide rapid and lasting change for individuals and businesses who seek positive transformation in a fun and stimulating format.

Client Testimonials

Hildegard T

Hildegard T

Real Estate Professional, Southern California

I found my way to Bernadette Wilson because I was "stuck". I had exited a 30+ year marriage, moved out of my home and closed my 17-year retail store all in one year. With much patience and loads of compassion, Bernadette was able to uncover various incidences from the past that were holding me back. Our sessions were both revealing and liberating. Considering that it had taken years to build up all those blockages, beliefs and insecurities, it is amazing that it only took a short time to learn how to remove my blocks and manage new situations when they arise. With Bernadette's help and encouragement, I finished the course, got my license and am now have a successful real estate career.


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